Refund Policy

  • Writing Kingdom has the sole discretion to reject your refund request in case if there's a slight delay in the delivery of the order or if some minor error is detected in the delivered content, since such issues are not entitled for a full refund. However, you may negotiate with the company in such cases and request a partial refund or discount in order to compensate for the issue.
  • In case your credit card is charged twice by mistake, Writing Kingdom will make sure that the additionally charged amount is compensated to you as soon as possible.

Contact And Dispute Settlement Agreement

  • In case you feel dissatisfied with the quality of the delivered content, you are advised to notify Writing Kingdom before contacting or consulting with any third party.
  • If both you and Writing Kingdom fail to come to any settlement within 14 days after contacting the company, then you reserve the right to contact any third party for negotiation.
  • Failure to inform Writing Kingdom before contacting any third party or initiating a chargeback will be deemed as a breach of contract and will be dealt with accordingly.